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February 11, 2013

Column: What are we so afraid of?

When did so many of us become so fearful?

When did we, proud of our melting-pot origins, become determined to keep out immigrant families seeking a chance at the American dream?

When did we stop being proud of our government and start hoarding guns to protect us against the invasion of our homes by mythical government storm troopers?

When did churches start publicly protesting which boys could belong to the Boy Scouts and which ones should be ostracized?

When did we become so afraid?

Was it 9/11? Was it the popularity of conspiracy movies? Was it the disappearance of the middle class?

Was it when we began to worry that the American dream itself might be dying?

Most Americans are living their lives as always — working hard, teaching their children the difference between right and wrong, how to be tolerant and that being happy means helping others. Most Americans are proud of their neighborhoods and their communities and their government and America’s place in the world.

But now we read that 40 percent of us absolutely oppose a ban on sales of high-capacity gun magazines because if we want to shoot a hundred bullets in the flick of a few eyelashes, that is our right.

Even after children at an elementary school are mowed down by assault weapons and even after a madman shoots and kills the driver of a school bus and takes a 5-year-old hostage, we are told that serious new gun control measures are dead in Congress.

While we acquiesce to smoking bans and requirements that houses have smoke detectors and laws that require us to register our cars, we balk at registering our weapons.

We have become a multiethnic, bilingual nation. Yet many of us speak of the 11 million undocumented people living among us as though they are evil invaders from another planet who must be thrown out. There are demands for concrete barriers topped with barbed wire and machine guns raised against their return.

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