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November 14, 2012

Sound Off

Off the cliff

Did anyone catch that line from the City Hall meeting in Haverhill when they discussed how taxes are “calculated”? Answer: “First, you determine how much you need ...” Really? Because that’s not how I do my bills at home. First I see what money I have, and maybe, peek into next week’s window for how much money should be coming in. Then I determine what bills I can pay this week, and what bills I can pay next week. I guess I’ve been doing it wrong. Let’s see what happens if I pay my bills like the City of Haverhill: “Oh, I’ve already shopped for new clothes and jewelry. I need to book a few vacations, too, and I could really use two or three different cars. And surely I’m worth a 20-percent raise. So now that I’ve figured out what I want, I’ll just go ask my boss for that amount of money.” Should work, right? No wonder this nation is headed for a fiscal cliff.

Paying for all

While shopping for a replacement cell phone recently a woman came in inquiring about an iPhone 5, which she intended to purchase for several hundred dollars. I happened to notice an EBT card/food stamps in her purse. Really? She can afford a $400 phone and data plans but can’t afford groceries for her family? This madness has to stop! By the way, I traded my phone in for a comparable model as I can’t afford an iPhone as I need to purchase groceries for my own family as well as hers!

It was coming

I knew it was going to happen in Methuen. Not that the Methuen police have gotten a 10 percent raise and outrageous perks, the city is coming into our homes to revaluate them so they can get addition tax revenues to pay for them.

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