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February 22, 2013

Column: Wrestling needs a firm hold on Olympics


Since then, I’ve had little occasion to go to a meet, although I have never lost my respect for the sport, its participants and the men who coach it.

Are these international judges nuts?

Probably not, but anyone who has spent time around the Games knows they’re susceptible to pressures, influences and just plain money.

That gives me an idea: If the group that runs international wrestling competitions wants to have a real chance at overturning the IOC’s heresy, why not hire Mitt Romney? Few know the ins and outs of Olympic politics as well as the former Massachusetts governor does. And he’s scrupulously honest, which in some Olympic circles seems a novel trait.

Here’s the point. Why tinker with the success of a sport in which 75 of the globe’s nations participate? I even have a slogan for the cause: “Pin the IOC.”

Dan K. Thomasson is the former editor of the Scripps Howard News Service.

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