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March 6, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Rude Andoverites

As a mother first, and now a grandmother, of children who have played sports both at the high school and college levels, I am appalled at the behavior of many students from Andover High School that I have observed of late. They are seated in the student cheering sections but are rude and obnoxious, they go far beyond just “cheering for the team,” and are allowed to behave that way, with no reprimand from anyone in authority! Shame on all of them.

Hello, hello?

Sunday afternoon, a Methuen DPW worker ran a stop sign, then stopped in the middle of Pelham Street to talk to another DPW worker. When I went to go around, he gunned the truck to cut me off. I called the city, they didn’t want to hear it and hung up on me.

Long memory

Got pulled over the other day by a Methuen police officer. This cop had such an attitude and was so cocky for no reason, it was pathetic. Come to find out I had some choice words for him in the past (five years ago) so he took it out on me the other day. But it’s cool because Methuen cops are known for their arrogance. Officer, I still feel the same way about you now that I felt five years ago.

Same old stuff

Monday’s political cartoon showed cartons of ex-lax being delivered to Congress. While this approach may get Congress moving, the output will still be the same.

Bullish on US

President Obama and his liberal Democrat cronies must feel pretty foolish today. With all their doom and gloom about Obama’s sequester the market just hit an all-time record high, indicating investors now have more confidence in America. Spending cuts are the only way we will have a economic recovery and investors realize it. Thanks, Republicans, for not being intimidated by Obama and the liberal Democrats into succumbing to their irresponsible and foolish requests to keep uncontrolled spending a constant. My investment portfolio surged today, and I am quite pleased.

Town clowns

The Methuen town clowns are really hungry this year. They are not happy with Sunday double time, they’ve got to give it to us on the holiday for triple time. Totally out of line and not needed. Just filling their pockets. Don’t cry safety!!

Belted in Methuen

I do think everyone should “voluntarily” wear seat belts, but I noticed in today’s police log that the Methuen police issued two citations for not wearing a seat belt. So much for the will of the people. The seat belt law was voted down by the folks of Massachusetts. Only if a person is stopped for another vehicle offense and is not wearing a seat belt can he or she be charged. So I guess the Methuen nanny police make up their own laws.

Kitten abuse

To the people who witnessed the abuse of a helpless kitten in Beverly, shame on you! If you spoke to the young man dragging the kitten through the puddles, heard the poor thing yowling, and saw that the back legs were not moving, why didn’t you call the police or animal control when he continued this behavior? It makes me sick to think of how this poor kitten suffered.

Weed out Willie

Mayor Lantigua and the Lawrence DPW exact revenge on the elderly and disabled! He orders his DPW to clean out his driveway, then orders his DPW to bury my handicapped parking space. Lantigua and his DPW, instead of serving all the citizens, only serve the ones they like. If they don’t like you, they exacts revenge. The City Council needs to weed the garden, starting with Willie.