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November 20, 2012

Sound Off

Tuition deal

Wake up. Gov. Deval Patrick has directed state universities to give illegal aliens in-state tuition. He has bypassed the Legislature and you, the taxpayer. These kids will now be going to the front of the line for grants and scholarships since their parents don’t have reportable income. Your kids will be the ones to have to take out college loans — not them. And what about the out-of-state students who have parents working in Massachusetts, paying income tax for the “privilege” of working here? These kids pay full tuition. This is taxation without representation. Call your state representative and senator.

No mandate

To Tuesday’s “Republican” caller: While I may agree with you to some extent that Republicans might need to rethink how they campaign, I think that you Democrats are a little overreaching in your victory this presidential election. The difference was less than 5 million votes in a country of over 350 million. That’s a 1-percent majority of Americans and only 3 percent of those who voted. It was certainly not any kind of landslide or mandate that you think. People like Elizabeth Warren, Maggie Hassan, and Carol Shea-Porter would most likely not have won election with out the coattails of Obama. Shea-Porter won mostly because a third-party candidate split the Republican vote. And just FYI, in both elections more people voted against Bill Clinton than for him.

Enjoy holiday

What is this world coming to? Can people not just enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday for what it truly is meant for? Having a wonderful family dinner with all the fixings and not worrying about going shopping is what this holiday is for. The world has turned into a materialist place and it’s extremely sad to watch. The merchants should not be open on any federal holiday — and something should be done to put a stop to it. Take time to enjoy the family, friends and meals this holiday and forget about the shopping for once!

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