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November 23, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Something’s up

I hate political people, Hillary Clinton included. Something’s up and I want our armed forces to watch out. Thank you for your service. Please be careful. May God bless all you guys, and happy Thanksgiving. I hope that you all come home soon.


I worked at Timberlane Regional Middle School for 10 years. The middle school kids were brutally honest in their comments to me about other adults in the building. I never once heard any of them say anything that would make me suspect that they were uncomfortable around Scott Buatti. I have had a virus on my computer that sent out pornographic material to people in our contact lists and no one in my house ever frequented a porn site, so imagine what can happen to someone who does visit them. Not one student or staff member has come forward to make an accusation against him. I will never believe he is guilty unless he tells me himself.


Our president took an oath to uphold our Constitution and does anything but. Look at the investments he has made with taxpayer money — all losers — and the willful deceit of the American public. The media is nothing more than an arm of the government that reports lies to the simple-minded who listen. He promotes the destruction of our country by giving away money both here and abroad, that we have to borrow, to people that have no regard or respect for this country. Is this the way we should operate our country?

Trust funds

I want the president to go after trust funds. I think the moonbats that support him need to cough up what they are hiding from us. These cheerleaders for his policies want the working people to get less and less while they sit back and live comfortably off of their trust funds. They should be so happy to share but I have a feeling they would have a meltdown if they had to share any of their money or comfort, or have less.

Four more years

Between Benghazi, Solyndra and you name it, we can’t take any more of this. That’s right, we’ve got four more years. Oh, boy!

Get ready

We’ve got Obama, now get ready for the taxes to pay for the votes he got. Unemployment is going up, the Dow is going down. This is only the beginning of a big decline. Entitlement liberals don’t care. All they care about is their ideology. Somebody has to pay the piper. It’s us.


Strange that Mitt Romney is complaining that Obama bought the elections through handouts to the 47 percent. I guess Mitt feels that the attempt by the Koch brothers, other billionaires and Karl Rove spending millions to steal the election was perfectly OK.

Big mistakes

Why is it when Republicans win, Karl Rove and John Sununu are geniuses. When Republicans lose, they blame everybody but themselves and say everybody else is just stupid because of the way they voted. It isn’t because they made big mistakes.

Rex Ryan

That coach Rex Ryan of the New York Jets is the worst coach I’ve ever seen. Mark Sanchez is horrible and he won’t give Tim Tebow a chance. He’s definitely out at the end of the season — if he makes it.