EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA

November 27, 2012

Column: Progressive agenda is to divide and conquer America

Bob Wescott
The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Those who believe that progressives have brought progress to the remarkable, majestic idea that is America, are blind by choice, or very ignorant. Not just the election of Barack Obama, an enigma wrapped in lies and obfuscation rarely seen in leaders at any level, but the re-election of this same, somewhat anti-American person, marks the culmination of 100 years of attack against inalienable rights — our birthright.

America, proscribed and described in its Constitution, is a threat to controlling types, to “statists,” to socialists and to Communists of every stripe. To the ignorant, you should know that fascism and Nazism, are way-stations on the spectrum between liberty and tyranny. They are reached by heading hard-left, not hard-right as you have been told. Heading fully right brings one to Judeo-Christian “truths.” In other words, and the evidence is everywhere in history and in current events, heading to the left leads to increasingly anti-religious, and most specifically, anti-Christian attitudes, actions and litigation. Indeed, the priesthood of the far left is comprised of rationalist lawyers and psychiatrists who can somehow talk the rest of those willing to be blind, out of their religion, out of their absolute rights and wrongs, and out of their moral certitude — in fact, out of all of the qualities that constrain our animal instincts and make just society possible.

The Judeo-Christian ethic allows for free will and then provides thousands of words of guidance, carrots and sticks, to encourage believers to choose good over evil. This is perfect rightness and righteousness. Leftism, modern liberalism and socialism, allows for collective responsibility, as opposed to individual responsibility, and that always leads to group, rather than individual identity, and to group-devised moral codes. No God required.

The outflow of group identity is competition between groups, “winners” and “losers,” and victim status for those so-called “losers.” There’s big political power in groups feeling like victims. Someone is sure to convince you that your lack of success is the fault of the “winners,” who are to be called the “fortunate,” to enhance the feeling among “losers” that those with more have it not by dint of hard work, intelligence and practiced skills, but because the victims in that system don’t have it, instead. “Group-think” also enables projecting “group” status upon all others, and then imputing common attitudes upon them. This is where the racism industry is most profitable: claiming unrecognized racism motivates conservatives — indeed, all non-leftists. It is a business of carefully crafted hatred, masquerading as some form of sympathy. Political power quickly becomes tyranny, through the process of making things “fair” for “losers,” which may be achieved only by taking undeserved excess from the “fortunate.” This is the path the United States is on, now, and it is the process that is undoing the idea that was America.

There are some facts that even leftists and liberals must grasp.

First: Every public expenditure, every public employee, every teacher, social-worker and firefighter, every new school, public hospital, military base, ship and airplane is paid for from the productive surplus of the private sector. The private economy is not the enemy of the public sector, despite recent years-long campaigning to the opposite idea, although the public sector can readily become the enemy of the private economy. Shame on all who fail to understand this.

Second: For 50 years and more, the United States has consumed much more than its productive surplus has provided. We have done this by going into debt. It is the cruelest, most cynical philosophy of political power that there is: those in office can purchase votes with borrowed money, and become ever more secure in their overpaid public sinecures. So long as our private economy is growing, the amount of debt, and its carrying costs, is manageable — the ratio works and we are only borrowing a few months into future productive surplus. However, thanks to crass political-financial gaming of economic laws in recent decades (creating imaginary growth and wealth), our real economy has not been growing, even as we have increased borrowing from our future, shrinking, productive surplus! We are in deep trouble, now, and the ability to borrow is disappearing.

This is why the so-called Federal Reserve Bank is “buying” U. S. debt. In effect, it is lending us air for the second time, and calling it money. There will be Hell to pay as the gravy train grinds to a halt.

It does not take leadership to promise voters things for “free.” Both parties have borrowed to provide standards of living that American taxpayers, themselves, have not been willing to pay for. Perhaps we can now see what “progress” means for progressives: The end of the only nation ever founded in liberty and individual sovereignty and limited government. Tell us, anyone, what limits can you see, now, much less describe?


Bob Wescott, of Andover, is the owner of Copilabs, a seller and servicer of copiers and printers in Lawrence.