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November 27, 2012

Sound Off


Free stuff

Just to clear this up: It was not the Republicans’ failed ideas that cost them the election. The election went to Democrats because people who get the “free” stuff wanted to keep it coming. Romney and Ryan could have made America strong but we have way too many people here who vote for the “free stuff,” not the person.

We’ll remember

Just read of the raises that this state just gave to the hacks who work in government. This makes my blood boil, especially since we are down on revenue. Many of us out here haven’t had a raise in years. Am sick and tired of paying for the deadbeats in this state. Between all the benefits given to the illegals and now lining the pockets of these people is enough to make one sick. I hope all people in this state will call or write to their reps and voice their opinion. These gutless people wouldn’t have dared to do this before the election. No, they did it after, just like the last time. We will remember when the next election rolls around.

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