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December 2, 2012

Sound Off

Did nothing

To the Benghazi Sound Off caller: For the record the president in question was not George Bush, but Bill Clinton. He had several opportunities to take out bin Laden but didn’t. If you have any doubt please lookup the report by the 9/11 Commission. Benghazi is a big deal because four American died and the Obama White House keeps changing its story. The big question is why this president did nothing while our embassy was under attack for six hours.

Better days

To the caller who said “Get over it”: Under Reagan, 5 million jobs were created. Under Bush, the unemployment rate averaged around 5 percent. Obama’s first term saw maybe 800,000 jobs created with 23 million Americans unemployed and the equivalent to the population of 24 states receiving food stamps. With the beginning of Obama’s second term we’ll have Obamacare tax increases and socialized medicine, with companies laying off or cutting back full-time employees, more companies declaring bankruptcy, and a national debt surpassing $16.2 trillion. Those 20 years seem real nostalgic now.

Run for office

A caller says “wake up” to government spending. I really don’t get it. Is the writer doing something about the state’s excessive spending? Rather than saying the obvious, and waiting for “someone” to do something, maybe the caller should run for governor or speaker of the house. Don’t just tell the rest of us we are to blame. How could you let this happen?

Gangnam style

I think all schools should teach the Gangnam dance for part of their gym class. Great exercise!

No surplus

If there is a real surplus in the Lawrence budget, then that should go back to the taxpayers of Massachusetts and not reduce the property taxes of Lawrence residents. The state pays your entire school budget so technically you don’t have a surplus.

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