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December 12, 2012

Sound Off


Justice Scalia is either a true bigot or completely bereft in the art of critical thinking. He opined that if you can’t oppose gay marriage on moral grounds, then there is no basis to outlaw murder. Apparently he isn’t aware that murder is a violation of a human right, but gay marriage is not. American law is based on rights, not morals. But Scalia dismisses the Bill of Rights, scoffing that any “tin horn dictator” has a bill of rights. The man is decades behind the times, doesn’t understand humans, and has little authority to make life’s important decisions.

Campaign funds

I find it amazing that during the last election the Democrats and the media — oops, that’s one and the same, sorry — complained about all the money coming in from superPACs and the Supreme Court allowing such groups to contribute to candidates. Yet the Democrats have been taking money from the unions for years. What’s the difference? At least with the superPACs the contributors know to whom the money is going and agree with that. But the union membership has no say at all.

Stop whining

Regarding the comment “Take their money”: What part of the title does the Sound Off caller not understand? It is their money! It doesn’t matter how much they have or if they are keeping it in paper bags in the closet gathering dust. It is their money, not ours or yours. People, who for some reason or the other just have not done well, seem to think that the fact that someone has more than they do means the government should take it away. Why? So, yes maybe 1 percent of the population has a lot of bucks. So what! I wonder if the writer wins the lottery he would give it all to me! You think? It doesn’t matter how old you are, stop your whining make some money of your own. Look at the Kennedys. Bootlegging was their way and look at them now.

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