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December 17, 2012

Sound Off

Right to sticks,

not guns

I am heartbroken for all the family’s suffering from our country’s lack of gun control. I have never heard when gun ownership saved a life. When are we going to start banging down our congressmen’s doors demanding justice for gun-related senseless murders? The Second Amendment is outdated, like many laws that suited our ancestors at the time. The NRA needs to rethink its moral obligation for the safety of all our loved ones. I can hear the hunters crying foul, but they can indulge their primitive need by sharpening sticks. The right to be safe at schools, malls, movie theaters and especially our homes needs protection, not the right to bear arms.

Needless deaths

Twenty-six people died needlessly. Let’s not forget that. And before we all go over the gun control cliff, let’s also not forget that it was a mentally defective person who fired the weapon. Tighter gun control laws are inevitable. I’m not sure if it would have stopped this horrific tragedy, but our politicians need to create a law that can be implemented across the nation. Huge fines and jail times need to be doled out to those found guilty of illegal sales. Right now though, my plan is to give my grandkids a big, suffocating hug as soon as possible.


When, Mr. President, when will you finally have the guts to propose gun control legislation? Or even to just utter the words? In a sense, I don’t blame you. The Republicans and all the rednecks out there have been beating you over the head since you’ve been in office. You’re like all politicians of all parties. You dance around the hard issues but avoid any solutions. You don’t have any more elections. Now is not the time to speak of “the beautiful children.” Do something!

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