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April 4, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Dog incident

I do feel saddened by the injuries the 6-year-old sustained from a dog. This is a mixed breed dog and by the family’s report, a docile one. The dog was obviously greatly startled by the fall of the child onto it. I do believe that any dog would have responded this way. The owners are obviously devastated. A wireless fence is a safe investment not euthanasia!


I was at my doctor’s office today at the medical center at Merrimack Valley Hospital. I kept looking at helipad. I think that if a helicopter hit the fencing at Kennedy Circle, then it would have hit the telephone and electric wires. That helipad has been there for almost 30 years and had no problems. I’m sure there are no problems now either. If you’re not happy with the noise, move!

Taxing fresh air

Imagine all the money you’ve spent in your lifetime on car inspections and taxes. Now imagine all of that money being in your pocket and the roads being well kept. I’m here to tell you, other states have done just that. This government is counting on you not knowing better, so out of fear, you surrender your wallet every time. Now it’s come again — they want to tamper with Winnekenni Park, a park I live near to and one our family has explored for years. Someone referred to this new plan as “the Sullivan-Macek-Fiorentini Fresh Air Tax.” I think it’s appropriate. Call it what it is, a tax for breathing, and blame those at the root of the problem. Nature doesn’t need an elaborate plan and a budget; it’s fine just the way it is. True nature lovers know this. It’s the developers that don’t have a clue. This god-like appetite they have for putting a fee on everything a person touches or does in unhealthy and unnatural.

Paying to pay

In response to the person in Methuen who is complaining about a 25 cent charge when paying his taxes on line: He has been misinformed about Haverhill not charging. I just paid my excise tax yesterday online and I was charged $1 for doing the city a favor. I don’t think it’s fair for us to pay a fee for paying a bill. I’m tired of all the charges and price increases that we are forced to pay. Being on a fixed income it’s hard on us.

Not perfect

A lunatic in Sandy Hook went over the edge and killed 20 children in one day. According to the United Nations, 18,000 children die of hunger and malnutrition every single day. Try as we might, we cannot make this world a perfect place. And we should not try to make it a padded cell.

Tax them

If the country needs more money, then taxing just the rich isn’t going to do it. How about going after all those that work under the table and still collect unemployment, welfare, SSI and disability? Let’s go after the folks on disability retirements yet continue to work in jobs that prove they’re not disabled. I’ve seen plenty of folks at food banks driving cars nicer than mine and carrying high end cell phones. Let’s start going after the 40 percent plus that don’t pay their fair share. Maybe it’s those who want to always tax the rich.