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April 5, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Quite a feat

How does Methuen City Councilor Jennifer Kannan think she can run a city when she and her fellow search committee members cannot even run a solicitor selection process? This episode has to be one of the more embarrassing things ever done by a City Council — and in Methuen that is quite a feat.

Wrongly ticketed

On my street in Lawrence, you can only park overnight on odd-numbered days of the month. I parked on the street overnight this past Sunday, March 31. The next day was Monday, April 1. I still received a $25 ticket. I called the parking supervisor, and he said that the tickets were given out mistakenly, and that I could go down to City Hall and turn it in. Why can’t the city just go into their computer and delete all the erroneous parking tickets? I assume it’s because many people will just pay the parking ticket without knowing it’s invalid, and the city will make some decent income. Now I have to take time off work to go down to City Hall to turn in my ticket.

No cheap heat

There will be quite a bit of dialogue now for the pros and cons of having a pipeline for natural gas coming down from the north. However, gas for heat is a necessity of life — the same as food and drink — and because it is a necessity, it will never be cheap. It may come down in the summer when it is not needed as much but here in the Northeast it will go to the limit in cold weather. This is not new but it is a fact of life and always has been. It is just business as usual. There is no such thing as cheap heat.

Civil Service

So, a convicted employee is appealing her firing? Welcome to Methuen, where Civil Service won’t let any employee be removed — for any reason! Who is responsible for this system?

Dog bite

I am not a fan of pit bull mixes, however, I can’t fault Oliver for his breed. I have friends who were bitten by their own dogs of different breeds after accidently stepping or tripping over the dog. The dog did not attack the girl because it’s vicious. She tripped on the leash which I’m sure yanked at his neck and then fell on top of the dog. The dog doesn’t know it wasn’t being attacked, it just wanted to get rid of what landed on him. The little girl fell on the dog by accident and the dog reacted as any dog would.

Job skills

The feds are going to issue 85,000 high-tech work visas, because companies like Google, Microsoft, and other high-tech companies can’t hire enough American-trained engineers. This doesn’t say much about the job skills of the Class of 2013. Imagine spending $100,000 on an education, four or more years of your life, and you graduate with a degree in liberal something or other and you can’t get a job; unless of course you become a “community organizer” like Obama. The truly sad part is that this generation voted for the man that has stolen their futures.