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April 8, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Spring cleaning

Spring has finally arrived and while out walking I see so much trash on our streets in Methuen. Each of us should take the time to clean up the neighborhoods and help your elderly neighbors who may not be able to. You will feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment once you’re done!

Dog bite

I’m writing in regards to the story about Oliver, the pit bull/lab mix who bit a young girl. This poor dog may be put down because he was simply defending himself when she fell on top of him. She probably scared the dog (not on purpose) and he just reacted in a self-defense mode. Granted, it’s very sad that this happened, but please do not put that dog down. He did nothing wrong; he is not mean or vicious. He was simply acting on instinct from fear. I hope the owners move him to a friend’s home or they, themselves, move with the dog. Would everyone feel the same if it had been a beagle that bit her? I think not. I think people are over-reacting because Oliver is part pit bull.

Dog’s reaction

I’m with the other caller about the dog in Londonderry. Where were the parents? The dog was on a leash in front of its own home. Meanwhile the parents are not outside watching their child when they are so concerned about having “that type of dog” living nearby? But it was OK to let their child outside without supervision and play near the dog? Don’t blame the dog. He was just protecting himself after she fell on him. Any dog would react.

Park fee

What is wrong with these politicians? A charge to use a city park? Winnekenni is a great place for children and families. It’s well used by all as any city park should be used. And how much will you charge people who are just barely paying the household bills? If they can’t think any clearer than this in caring for a public park, maybe they shouldn’t be in office.

Traffic patrols

I notice how police from the towns surrounding Lawrence — Methuen, Andover and North Andover — always stake out at their borders waiting to stop incoming traffic from Lawrence into their towns only. They very rarely stake out for outgoing traffic from their towns. I drive down Route 28 in Andover to Route 114 in North Andover daily. At the intersection of routes 28 and 133 in Andover I see cars running the red light on a daily basis. Cars run the red light at Mill Road in North Andover onto Route 114. They need to focus their attention at these intersections before someone gets killed.

Pajama crowd

The president’s latest budget proposal misses the point. We need to cut money that goes to people who refuse to work and who constantly game the system. Don’t cut the Social Security and Medicare for retirees and others who have paid into the system. Cut the EBT “income” from the pajama-wearing crowd. And “universal pre-kindergarten” is nothing more than free baby-sitting — with door-to-door pick-up and drop off. We can’t afford it.