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February 24, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor

Let’s get going on casinos

To the editor:

I read the story “Casino debate is heated” (Feb. 20) and I just couldn’t hold back any longer. Once again what should be a common-sense answer is not so common.

First, let me point out a few things. There was once a time when gay marriage was unheard of but is now commonplace. Marijuana is becoming accepted as people’s choice and I’ll bet in not too long it will be legal in most states.

It’s time to snap out of it on this gambling issue. Rockingham Park is the perfect place for a casino in New Hampshire, unless you think we need another mall. I think a lot of folks who are against the casinos are only looking at the act of gambling and not the other things it can bring. There will be restaurants and venues for entertainment with shows and concerts, and how about some jobs? If you don’t want to gamble then don’t, you can just enjoy the shows without having to go to Boston and leave the people alone who like that kind of stuff. Try a little of New Hampshire’s “Live Free” motto. And please stop with the “there’s going to be more crime” stuff. The world isn’t going to come to an end.

Look at all the land that has sat in a useless state not paying any of its tax potential for all these years. Massachusetts is going to have casinos so where do you think people who enjoy this stuff will go to spend their money? Why not keep it right here in New Hampshire?

I read that the chiefs of police are in opposition to the casinos. Well, that’s too bad. Sure it’s going to be a big job and lots of changes but if they can’t handle the job maybe it’s time to bring in others who have experience with this stuff rather than curling up in a ball and crying about it.

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