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February 23, 2013

Sound Off


Let’s see if I have this straight. Our Chicago born-and-raised governor, Deval Patrick, has chosen North Carolina born-and-raised Mo Cowan to join Oklahoma born-and-raised Elizabeth Warren as our Massachusetts senators. Do these outsiders really have the best interests of Massachusetts at heart? Or are they more concerned with advancing Obama’s anti-Constitution agenda? I fear it’s the latter.


Now that President Obama has played golf with and been given pointers by Tiger Woods, what’s next? Bicycling with Lance Armstrong?


I know Councilor Kannan wants to run for mayor but let’s put Methuen ahead of politics. I don’t agree with Mayor Zanni on anything. But I do agree with him on hiring outside counsel to defend the city on this frivolous lawsuit filed by Chief Solomon. I do believe the city has a chance of winning with decent legal representation.


Gov. Deval Patrick asked everyone to check on their neighbors during the last blizzard. He asked for people to check on the well-being of their elderly neighbors. Governor, I’m the only elderly citizen on my block. I’m wheelchair-bound and there’s a handicap space in front of my home. It’s the only sign on my block. My neighbors did not check on me during the storm in any way. The Lawrence DPW plows buried my home and dumped all the snow in front of my home burying the handicap space reserved for me. I’ve instructed my son to charge the Lawrence DPW and all my neighbors with murder if I die because an ambulance can’t get to my home. The Lawrence DPW takes care of their buddies before caring for the elderly.


Please don’t believe anything Obama is saying about the sequestering. First of all it was his idea. Second he has told all kinds of stories of how severe the cuts will be. Let’s put the sequestering into proper perspective. First Obama says it will be $85 billion. This is false. It is will be half that amount for 2013. If you look at the nearly $4 trillion budget it represents just over a 2-percent reduction. Another way to look at it is this: If you make $50,000 per year, sequestering would represent giving up your Starbucks latte three days a week. How about we look at the budget to operate the White House, it is estimated to be $1.8 billion. Let’s cut that in half as a place to start.

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