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March 2, 2013

Sound Off



Looks like Mr. Obama never had any intention of trying to avoid the implementing of the sequester he proposed. If he lets the illegal immigrants out of jail two days before the sequester is even in place, that tells me he will try to blame his hated enemies, the Republicans, for all the woes of the country and he never planned on trying to fix the mess he has created by being a totally inadequate head of this country. We now have a B-team in place in every office in Washington, folks. You think things have gotten bad over the last four years? Wait to see what happens in the next four years.


I congratulate Selectman Stephen Campbell of the Salem Board of Selectmen. He is not afraid to stick up for what he feels is right. There is no “politics as usual”, which is why he is under constant scrutiny and he often creates enemies within the town government. He is constantly looking out for the taxpayer’s pocketbook. Keep up the good work and don’t let “them” get you down. We need more like you.

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