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March 3, 2013

Column: A visit to the border shows security is lax


Chip caught up in Laredo. Over the next few days, they drove along the border, walked to the banks of the river which was at most 200 feet across, saw no fences, Border Patrol or anything else that would prevent a crossing. They did see another fence at the University of Texas in Brownsville, and visited the immigration court in Harlingen where thousands of cases are adjudicated every year. Further on is Falfurrias, the location of one of the most active Border Patrol checkpoints in the country. Chip’s group met with local ranchers there whose lands are routinely trespassed by illegals who seek to circumvent the checkpoint.

One property owner said that he’s seen a 500-percent increase in people coming through his property since Obama announced the “Dream Act” last summer; other said that there are more OTM’s (Other than Mexicans) from Central America now.

Though there’s still some dispute over this, many Texans think that drug smuggling has taken precedence over human trafficking for the cartel the last several years. One official told of a 15 year-old Mexican caught bringing drugs over the river; it was discovered that he made $5,000 per trip, making three trips per day.

None of this sounds “secure” to me, Secretary Napolitano.

I have libertarian friends who think that anyone should be allowed to come here. This can’t work, logistically; we can’t fit in all the people from Central and South America, then Africa, then Bangladesh, who would find the United States a better place to live than where they are – especially when you consider not just job opportunities, but various welfare benefits that, incredibly, are available to illegal immigrants.

Of course in a perfect libertarian world, there would be little in the way of government welfare for anyone, so that would itself be a strong beginner immigration policy, similar to what existed when our grandparents (as well as most Mexican-American citizens) emigrated from various countries; only the strong would come and add value to the American melting-pot.

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