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March 7, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — It’s control, stupid

Sound Off has had a number off complaints about John Kerry’s comment of how stupid Americans are. I sadly must side with him and would like to put forward this inconvenient truth. You need to understand Ambassador Kerry’s and the liberal view of all people, not just Americans. You are stupid; therefore the government and the liberal elite have the obligation to take care of you. They need to have complete control over every aspect of your life. They need to control how big your cup of soda can be. They need to control every aspect of your medical care, how much care you can receive in your lifetime, which doctors you, can see. Once you understand this agenda you will begin to understand why Obama is fighting a 2-percent reduction in government spending, why he needs to raise taxes to grow government and keep more of you dependent upon government. If you weren’t stupid how could you explain 51 percent of you voting for someone with a job performance as bad as Obama’s or even a John Kerry. Sorry to say John Kerry is right.

School budgets

With the retail and industrial base housed in Salem, plus the state’s lottery contribution to Salem why in the world do they have to keep on increasing their budgets at the expense of the Salem taxpayer? And yes, enrollment is down as well. Yet smaller communities like Candia, Danville, Newton, Plaistow and Hampstead have come in with as much as a 2.38-percent decrease in their school budgets. I suggest voters take a close look at what they want to approve. Perhaps if voters don’t support the School Board they might decide to review their budgeting process with a sharper pencil.

Speed limits

New Hampshire Highway Safety Agency coordinator Peter Thomson said that if you increase the speed limit to 70 mph, people will be going 75 mph to 80 mph. I can’t quite fathom it. He is exactly right. The speed limit on I-93 is either 55 mph or 65 mph, depending on the area. Drivers are currently driving more than 75 mph most of the time. The State Police estimate the average speed on I-93 is 82 mph, which is 17 to 27 mph over the posted limits, respectively. Why bother spending the money to repaint the speed limit signs and pay state workers to put them up when drivers don’t pay attention to them anyway?

Silver lining

I would like to say behind every cloud is a silver lining, I hear no helicopter school or noise from Lawrence Airport and fewer trains. Pleasant Valley is pleasant again.

Tax plan

There would be no need for the tax increase proposed by Gov. Deval Patrick, if only he and the Legislature would use some common sense. I have read in several places where the state funds that go to support illegal aliens in this state is about 10 percent of the entire state budget. Eliminate all the funding to illegal aliens — what is it about the term “illegal” that they do not understand? No more housing, food stamps, medical or in-state tuition. If Patrick is so sure that it is important to have Massachusetts as a sanctuary state with all of its sanctuary cities, then put the question on the primary ballots. If the people vote against it, then drop the income tax to 5 percent as was voted on years ago in a binding referendum.