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March 8, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Fat letter

Congratulations to the parent, Tracy Watson, who wrote a letter to the editor regarding the letter that was sent home stating her child is “fat.” The schools should not be involved in this issue, that is up to the parent. The schools and the teachers are there to teach history, science, math and support the students with their education. I find it deplorable that they are labeling students in this manner and like Mrs. Watson stated, if another student called a fellow student fat, they’d be punished for bullying. Well, the schools should be punished for the exact same crime. Do they have any clue as to what damage this will do to a young student? The pressure to be thin, pretty and handsome is hard enough. Having a letter sent home stating the obvious should not be allowed in any school, in any state. Totally unacceptable.

Shrinking package

So this struck me as a sign of the times: Last year, jelly doughnuts on sale at a local market were $1.99 for six. A few months later, it was jelly doughnuts on sale $1.99 for five. Yesterday, it was jelly doughnuts on sale $1.99 for four. When do you think it will be $1.99 for zero? Thanks, Mr. President.

Gas taxes

President Obama and Gov. Patrick: My heating oil is up 10 cents a gallon this month. Gas is $3.99 a gallon. The governor wants to raise the gas tax 10 cents to 15 cents a gallon! Thank you so much! Who voted for you?


Regarding the piping plovers: Take it one step further, Eagle-Tribune. The fact that 6 miles of valuable coastline are closed to the public every year during the height of a very short “outdoor” season drives me nuts. The good people of Maine care about the plovers’ plight as well but there good sense prevails. Snow fences are set up to protect nesting sites and citizens and birds co-exist just fine. Of course can you imagine the economic uproar in Maine if tourists and their money were told, “Sorry, you can’t use the beach.” I can’t quite figure out how the federal government got to take this valuable access away from the people who work hard and pay federal taxes. It’s just another case of “feel good” measures that added more government restriction in Massachusetts. If the bird is considered to be endangered, then why can one state allow beach access and another cannot? I’m curious to find out!

Out to lunch

The U.S. Postal Service constantly reminds us, the taxpayers, that they cannot effectively run a business in the black and a result, continue to raise postage rates, whine about their pensions and their jobs, and have now resorted to eliminating Saturday deliveries — yet they are still broke. In some snowstorms I did not get mail, but almost always got my newspaper. By the way, my mail carrier suggested I put a mail box at the street, so he wouldn’t have to walk 30 feet. I went to the Shawsheen Square post office in Andover at 3 p.m. to mail my taxes. When I finally got a parking space, and made it to the door, guess what? It was closed from 2 to 3:30 p.m. for lunch! I never got more than a half-hour for lunch when I was working. And we wonder what is wrong with our government?