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October 11, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Police department

It’s interesting as I scan through The Eagle-Tribune archives that for the past nine months ever since Phil Consentino was fired as police chief there has been nothing negative published in the paper about the Atkinson Police Department. I hear the townspeople are happy to have a more professional department that takes care of all its citizens, not just those who “donate.” I do see Plaistow, Pelham and Haverhill on the front page but not Atkinson. Why does the Board of Selectmen feel the need to shake things up, when a diamond in the rough fell into their laps from Plaistow just before the storm began over there on Elm Street? I hear they are calling it “The Nightmare on Elm Street.”

Cherry picking

I have heard so many people say that Obamacare is now the law of the land. Well, I wish they knew that the law that was passed is not the same as it is now. First of all, this law was passed in the dead of night with promises to those who would vote for it. No one read it. Nancy Pelosi said to pass it and then find out what is in it. This president has said that he did not want to cherry pick items suggested by the Republicans, yet he has done the same thing with the health-care law. He has exempted businesses, unions, Congress and their aides and many others who are valuable to the Democratic Party. If that isn’t cherry picking, I would like to know what is. Never in my whole life have I seen this country in the state it is in.


This government was able to shut down every piece of federal land in this country — every memorial, Yellowstone Park, the Grand Canyon and who knows what else — in 3 days. Try to get them to close the border for one day. Maybe it’s because that’s where the votes are.

Shifting blame

Jennifer Kannan states that Mike Gagliardi told her after the solicitor vote that “she was going down.” Now she tries to shift the blame for Gagliardi’s carried out threat to Mayor Stephen Zanni, who has no history of slinging any mud during this or any other campaign in his 20 years of running for office.

Veterans slighted

The freedoms we enjoy today are in no small part due to the sacrifices made by our veterans. How do Obama and the Democrats respond? They have stopped all veterans services, they have closed memorials, and they tell the families of dead soldiers that they have to pick up the bodies of their fallen love ones and pay for their burials. Yet if a bunch of illegal aliens want to have a rally in Washington, they open up the gates to the National Mall.


If you think your health insurance premiums are high now under the Obamacare exchanges wait until immigration reform hits and you have to pay for the insurance of 10 million more uninsured, newly legal immigrants.

Stop spending

I can’t believe a caller has the nerve to call Republicans hypocrites, when Democrats went against the will of the majority of the American people and crammed Obamacare down our throats. Our children and grandchildren are going to suffer for this ridiculous spending done by brainless Democrats. The president is like a child that, if he doesn’t get his way, he pouts and picks up his ball so no one else can play. Thank God for the government shutdown. Someone has got to stop the spending.