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October 14, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Incompetent

The Obama administration had three years and a budget forecast of $93 million to get healthcare.gov up and running prior to Oct. 1. They took 3.5 years and $643 million and it does not work. Given this level of incompetence, why would you trust them with your health care?


What a nice surprise to see Congresswoman Niki Tsongas supporting Dan Rivera for mayor. We should look at the whole picture, which I have and found Mr. Rivera to be more qualified to run the city of Lawrence than our present mayor. We do need a new mayor. I will vote for Mr. Rivera. I will vote for him not because he fixed our streets but because he has the education and experience in the political field to be able to function as mayor of Lawrence. I’m asking all who are educated with or without a background in government to look deep into your soul and realize the best person for the job as mayor of Lawrence is Dan Rivera.

True colors

Our Congress and Senate had showed its true colors the past couple of weeks. Shutting down the country is one of the worse things our government has done. Leaving the citizens of the USA out of work and with no pay is a sin. We need to make sure that all the politicians in Washington do not get re-elected. Shame on them. We need to make sure that a new bill is passed that basically says if the citizens of the United States are furloughed without any pay, then Congress and Senate don’t get paid.

Park Service

The jack-booted thugs at the National Park Service are up to the usual, nothing new here. As a veteran of Bruce Babbitt’s Interior Department “War on the West”, where Park Service stormtroopers played a pivotal part in land confiscation and denial of innholder rights, your editorial just proves the Nazi mentality of NPS is still the norm. The Park Service is a mini fascist government unto themselves regardless of which party is in power in Washington. Nothing has changed. It is important to remember innholders on NPS land are private property, not government property. The Park Service dislikes that and does everything, legal or not, to make folks that irritate them pay the price.


As a union man for over 40 years, I worked with people from all walks of life -- some with high school educations, some with GEDs, some with neither. We elected union officials who negotiated our wages, fought for our health care, sick days and our rights. Some became stewards, chief stewards and assistant business managers. Not once have I ever heard one of them attack anyone over their education. Mr. Gagliardi should be ashamed of himself for going after Jennifer Kannan for her GED. She continued to better herself for her family and to serve her city. Mayor Stephen Zanni, as an educator you knew what he was doing and turned a blind eye. I hope you don’t do that to the students of Methuen.


So the Democrats and many of you who support them have been saying that the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land and the Republicans should not be attempting to defund it. The president and the Senate are insisting that the House pass a clean budget bill. So why are the president and the Democrats giving all these exemptions to ACA? I thought that was the law of the land? I guess they can dirty up whatever they want. They are just a bunch of hypocrites.