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October 15, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Bounced out

Has anybody tried and actually gotten through to the Massachusetts Health Connector website? I have been told I have created an account, but every time I try to access said account I am bounced out with a “system error” message. This has been going on since Oct. 1. I was told that some are getting in, some go half-way through the process and get bounced and others like myself are blocked completely. By the time they fix this software, it will be too late to apply or look for the so-called affordable health plans. What a mess this is. It would serve the government and the people to have a much needed delay until 2014 just so they can fix the software issues.


So Jennifer Kannan’s solution to negotiating all the union contracts in Methuen is to have one of her staff members negotiate all of them for her. Really? That is just brilliant. If Kannan gets in we’ll be reading articles about how after tough negotiations with all the unions (wink, wink), her staff negotiated a 15-percent raise each year for the next three years. Are her staff members going to propose their budgets as well? Kannan will not move this city forward. As mayor she would be devastating.


As I watch the slow demise of our once great country, I can’t help but be saddened. What have we come to? How have we stooped so low? How did we become so divisive? It’s come to the point that name calling, personal insults, and childish bullying are the only thing we see when we turn on the news, go online, or even try to read this newspaper. It’s all about one-upping each other rather than a patriotic desire to sit down and hammer out a compromise. Disagreement need not mean disrespect. This new attitude, this new way to run the country, starts at the top and goes all the way down to the posters on this site. It has splintered our country, friendships and families and it is shameful.

For Zanni

On Nov. 5, don’t forget what Jennifer Kannan and Sean Fountain did this year in Methuen. They botched the city solicitor matter, got rid of the health director and cut the public health nurse. Is this running Methuen forward? It looks backward to me. Please vote for Stephen Zanni. I lived in this city all my life and have never seen it this bad. I hope with Zanni and a new council, yes we can bring back our city.

Has support

I normally don’t put up political signs but I did this year. After a very long talk with Maura Ryan-Ciardiello, I changed my mind. If someone takes the time to listen to an upset parent, then she has my full support. I mean it. I will vote for Maura for Haverhill School Committee.


The Republicans should just step back and let Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have what they want. Obamacare will become another scandal in the long line of scandals perpetrated against the American people. We can only hope the liberal media will finally see what a disaster this administration is.