EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA

October 17, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Deserves medal

What’s going on here in the North Andover school system? Unless there’s more to the story than meets the page, then what The Eagle-Tribune reported Oct. 15 regarding North Andover senior Erin Cox smacks of gross mishandling on the schools’ part, and potentially devastating consequences to the honor student-athlete’s evidently otherwise bright future. What seems at the core a positive human interest story then becomes the commonplace teen tragedy saturating local and national media daily. How and why? That the friend in need chose to call this young woman of anyone speaks to Ms. Cox’s character, as it is confirmed by others who know her. Vindicate her immediately! She deserves a medal, not a mugging.

Wrong message

So Erin Cox does the right thing, takes a friend’s plea for help and follows the ever present message of “friends don’t let friends drive drunk” — and she gets demoted and punished. The police cleared her but the North Andover school officials say she violated their policy? By keeping a drunk driver off the road? What is wrong with those people? Think about the message you are sending to students!

Right decision

I do not understand why there is so much discussion regarding the volleyball player from North Andover. She broke a rule — cannot be in the vicinity of alcohol — and now she is being punished. Shouldn’t all people who break a law or a rule be punished? Good for the school district.


The stalemate that we now observe between the Senate and the House leadership, appears to be a contest of “asks” with both sides assuming that they have the best plan for America. The House plan “asks” for some restraint and the Senate “asks” for more spending and raising the debt limit, all the while making pawns of the American public. We are being treated as barter items. The three areas, Congress, the presidency and Supreme Court, are all exempt from the Affordable Care Act, plus the president has allowed the unions and other interests a one-year delay, that I have no doubt will be extended year in and year out, while the American public are forced to enroll in a program that most do not even want to be associated with. If you are against the raising of the debt, the Affordable Care Act, the deals being made to unions and other parties, write, email, call or fax your senators and your representatives starting now and tell them it’s everybody or it’s nobody, no exceptions.


This is for all the uniformed voters out there: Our great country cannot go into default if we pay the interest on all our loans and debt. The interest right now is $18 billion to $20 billion per month. This great country takes in from taxes $220 billion per month, so we can easily pay off the interest on the national debt. The only way we can go into default is if Obama orders Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew not to pay the interest on our loans. So if we go into default it is Obama’s fault completely and if he does such a thing it is impeachable. Don’t buy the scare tactics and deception.