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October 18, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Third party

This trouble in Washington proves once and for all we need a third party and the sooner the better. It has always been surmised that the Great Depression was man-made and this problem in Washington proves that it maybe was. These two parties, at the rate they are going, could create another depression by simply not doing anything and just letting the time run out. If we had a third party this would not have happened and you can take that to the bank.


Just a note to thank the kind woman named Linda D. at the yogurt shop, who found and returned a missing wallet to a weary traveler from Arizona on Tuesday. Her kindness and honesty are very much appreciated. Thank you again.

Zanni’s record

With only a few short weeks left before the Methuen mayoral election; Mayor Stephen Zanni and his administration are pulling at straws to prove his leadership for these past two years. Strange however, the only great accomplishment they can come up with is the renovation of Methuen High School. Let me just say this: Former Mayor Bill Manzi is really the man who should be applauded. He is the one who put everything on the right track and worked hard to save taxpayer money for the people of Methuen. All this hoopla reminds me of the game Wheel of Fortune when one contestant fills in all the letters and then loses their turn and the next contestant wins the game for doing nothing. Just one more important fact: Our taxes also increased along with our water bills. Strong leadership? No. Moving Methuen forward? No. Results and leadership? Zero.

For Zanni

Since Jennifer Kannan cannot negotiate contracts and would leave it to her chief of staff, then perhaps her chief of staff should run for mayor. Who are these people? Has she publicly named them? Too many generations working for the city. It’s time to vote for the person who has no ties or owes no favors. Vote for Mayor Steve Zanni.

School’s judgment

Wednesday morning, the “Today” show spent about 10 minutes talking about North Andover and the school officials’ poor decision regarding high school senior Erin Cox’s notable decision to drive her inebriated friend home from a party. The school officials’ twisted and unconvincing decision is making the town of North Andover the laughingstock of the country. They need to step up and rescind their brainless judgment on this issue.

Toward socialism

There are many of us that are part of Neil Westerman’s “ilk.” I am very concerned about the socialistic movement in this country. The number of people on government handouts has tripled on Mr. Obama’s watch. He has said many times that he has cut the deficit in half. How could that be when it is rising every day by nearly $2 billion and is close to reaching $17 trillion. What is he talking about? I guess he thinks we are all stupid and that we will believe everything he says. I surely don’t!