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October 20, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor

Boehner should be removed from office

To the editor:

With the recent government shutdown over Obamacare, a move that the majority of Americans agree is no way to negotiate, John Boehner has shown that he has no regard for the will of the American people. By putting the whims of extremist tea party Republicans before the needs of the nation, Mr. Boehner has betrayed us all and is actively damaging our economy and future. We cannot let this happen. Let’s send a strong message to those who would play games with the fate of the entire country by removing Mr. Boehner from public office.

Denise Valerio


Term limits needed at all levels

To the editor:

For years now, no, decades, our elected representatives have lost sight of why they are elected in the first place, to do the people’s business.

I am confident that most regular folks would concur that a change must come. I feel a common sense idea is simply term limits for all who govern both on a national level as well as state and local politicians. The length of such limits would be left to those smarter than I (perhaps two four-year terms). At the founding of our great republic, the idea was a voluntary legislative body where patriotic individuals would take time away from their daily lives and work together to govern. Of course there would need to be compensation for the honor to serve.

I believe this would remove the perverse pursuit of power and riches that now dominates the current political process at all levels of government. Legislators would be free to legislate unencumbered. People in the dreaded private sector, with skin in the game, would undoubtedly reduce regulation that burdens their ability to do business with their fellow man, scrap and simplify the onerous tax code that is a drag on our economy and introduce some much needed common sense into the process.

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