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October 19, 2013

Sound Off

Taking credit

Mayor Stephen Zanni ought to stop taking credit for the renovation of the new high school. All of that hard work and planning was done under former Mayor William Manzi. He needs to stop attacking Jennifer Kannan’s family. They were hired before he was elected mayor and she abides by all of the ethics laws. She has a clean record and cares about people and the taxpayers of Methuen. Jennifer Kannan will move Methuen forward, cares about the community, continues to go out of her way to help people and listens with an open mind. Please cast your vote on Nov. 5 for Jennifer Kannan to be your next mayor of Methuen.

Over the cliff

It should come as no surprise that our country is in this terrible financial position. This president has refused to operate our country within a budget and has recklessly put us where we are. The progressives on both sides are as much to blame by allowing this. It is so outrageous that it appears to be deliberate. Raising the debt ceiling and passing the health care plan will put us over the cliff. It will not solve anything. The president acts like a spoiled child that has to have his way. Next will be his immigration bill and the final nail in the coffin.

Police conflict

Reading the article on the Atkinson detective filing suit against Plaistow, it seems there is a pattern the chief and deputy follow when they want to get rid of people. Plaistow needs to get rid of them. Pretty soon they’ll have no department.


Jennifer Kannan has been campaigning on her track record of making informed decisions for the good of Methuen. Her decision to cut the health director and public health nurse were completely uninformed. She did not and no one from the City Council ever discussed these cuts with the mayor, the Board of Health or the department head, William Buckley. So, if she was so informed about these cuts, whom did she talk to? Where did she get her information from for her to be so informed? The Board of Health sent the entire City Council a letter requesting a meeting to discuss the cuts after the fact and no one from the council ever responded. If she was so informed, then she would have known that the mayor, community development director and the entire Board of Health would be completely against the cuts and that the city would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money as well. Now the city is facing a lawsuit which is going to cost even more money and they also have to hire an outside contractor to do part of the director’s job because no one else left is qualified to do it. Does this sound informed?

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