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October 20, 2013

Column: There’s nothing left to do but charge the windmills


Yet voters think Republicans, who are fighting to keep the country solvent, resisting letting the incompetent federal government take over our health care, and trying to stop the runaway national debt, are the bad guys? If the tea party legislators didn’t exist, we wouldn’t even know we have these problems we need to resist. By standing up and fighting, they kept some of us informed, and will perhaps eventually wake up enough of the others who live with the illusion that giant government is merely a harmless windmill.

Republican moderates scold these patriot politicians for picking the wrong battle, insist they should have waited to take a stand on the debt ceiling. But Obama and the Democrats aren’t going to ever get the debt under control; Republicans will be attacked for endangering the national if not the world economy if they don’t give in and borrow more, forever.

What if the polls show voters blame Republicans for resisting raising the debt ceiling too? Will the moderates roll over until the national debt reaches 100 percent of GDP?

If I were in the Senate, I’d stand with Rand, drink tea with Lee, and if necessary, lose with Cruz. Because my country is in so much trouble, so much debt, with such bad management, that there’s nothing to do but grab some kind of helmet and charge the giant.

Barbara Anderson is president of Citizens for Limited Taxation and a regular contributor to the opinion pages.

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