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October 21, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Extremist

He came on like a lion with a 21-hour filibuster, got some extremists all excited and Sen. Ted Cruz set the stage to shut down the government. But Sen. Cruz has ended like a lamb, losing for his party, diminishing the popularity of Republicans and reducing his chances to be president in a nation that does not countenance extremism.


So at the Methuen mayoral debate, Jennifer Kannan stated that her community development strategy is to get rid of graffiti. Seriously? That is what is going to attract business to Methuen? Yet again you have proven why you are the wrong choice for Methuen.


I admire and respect Timberlane’s Superintendent Earl Metzler for the direction he is steering the school district in. That said, I totally disagree with him, as many parents do, with his decision to ban Sandown North students from going outdoors for recess because of a EEE threat. I think he incorrectly alludes to parent’s support of this decision. Kids are outdoors waiting for school buses and playing after school. They are on the soccer field a mere half-mile away until dusk and on it for Saturday games all day long. There are no guarantees that a mosquito from one area won’t fly to another. Don’t turn New Hampshire into a “nanny” state. Let parents decide what is best for their kids. Let the kids out. If parents don’t want the kids out, give them that option, too. I’m willing to bet 90 percent of the parents want their kids outdoors for recess. Don’t take such a stand if you can’t back down from it. I have more respect if you do.

Lost opportunity

UMass Lowell’s inclination to stick with Northern Essex and abandon its downtown plan shows horrible leadership by Haverhill officials. They had the chance to add a major stimulus downtown but the city waited for some invisible hand to put the pieces together, rather than develop an official city proposal. Once you give something to a bureaucracy, like NECC, you never get it back. Poor work by the mayor and council. It was a wasted opportunity.

Power is yours

The Senate and the House worked together and hammered out an agreeable but temporary budget resolution. The national parks were opened, those who hadn’t been called back to work, went back to work. The debt limit was raised (a little), some perks were added to the resolution, and the Affordable Care Act was not even an issue. Come December we will once again witness the workings of Congress as the expiration date for the temporary resolution becomes evident. Actually Congress has done the voter a huge favor, because you now have three months in which to send a clear message to each and every United States senator and representative that you the voter, the working stiff, will not support their stand on the debt limit being raised. You the voter, have the power, in your choice of a senator or a representative at the end of your fingers in the ballot box. If you’re not happy, vote for change. If you are happy, don’t change a thing.