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October 24, 2013

Letter: Republicans should get behind Obama

To the editor:

Republicans have to get beyond the fact the President Obama happens to be a Democrat, a progressive liberal, or for some of them, that he is black. Although these are only (external) labels, they represent their real reasons for obstructing his every initiative since he was first elected.

Republicans must look solely, objectively, without predisposition, at the worthiness and probability of success of his initiatives. When they do this they will see that President Obama is right on the money with: job creation and the economy, health insurance, immigration reform, education, energy, the environment, gun control, terrorism and foreign policy. More importantly, Republicans should understand that most Americans are with him, and want him to succeed for the benefit of all Americans. This fact was demonstrated when they re-elected him as president.

Republicans must, “Get on board with Obama.” How’s that for a new Republican slogan? Not only would they dramatically improve their standing with the American people, but more importantly they would be providing much-needed help and valuable perspective in fine-tuning initiatives and programs, and be justly recognized for doing so. They would find that in 2016 their electability was greatly improved; that it would be a significant voting consideration to the American people, that the country was in much better shape because all their leaders were an important, essential part of realizing America’s well-being.

Republicans would rightly be seen as noble, patriotic American statesmen who put country first, who looked inside the can and ignored the label of political party or person.

Charles Santagati


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