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October 31, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Credit due

Great article by Doug Moser finally clarifying the facts that Mayor Stephen Zanni actually does deserve credit for negotiating the present contract for the new Methuen High School.

Boston police

It seems to me that the Boston Police Department and Mayor Menino are out of control. The police are supposed to protect us as we go about our lawful activities. That’s what we hire them to do. It’s entirely lawful to drive to a baseball game, park your car in a commercial garage or parking lot, and leave when the game is over or any other time you feel like leaving. Do the Boston Police really have the legal authority to tell you that you can’t leave until they say you can? Under what statute? Normally, even when a cop thinks you’ve done something wrong, he can’t just hold you; he has to arrest you or let you go. How does the playing of a baseball game change that? I think the BPD and the mayor are exercising authority they don’t have, and I think someone should call them on it!

Back to Bush

It does not matter what the Obama administration does, what debacles occur, what facts are proven, some small-minded Democrats always bring it back to Bush. Question: “Why is the Obamacare website crashing?” Answer: “Doesn’t anyone care Bush cleared brush at his ranch for a month and didn’t attend national security meetings?” Question: “Why did they lie about Benghazi?” Answer: “Bush murdered thousands of Americans.”

Poor timing

What incredible arrogance the president shows to the people of Boston by coming here during the World Series and taking the security that’s needed at Fenway to keep the people who pay his salary safe! Here’s hoping no one shows up to his photo-op, and he gets the message that we think he should be in Washington doing the job he’s being paid to do — work on getting the government working again for us. We are not amused!

More lies

It was Obama that said he would be the most transparent and open president ever elected but instead he has been quite the opposite. He has lied about Fast and Furious, lied about the IRS, lied about NSA, lied about Benghazi and now is lying about Obamacare. Yet the liberals bring up Bush and Cheney constantly to divert and to justify the unprecedented lies and deception coming from Obama. It was Obama that said he would be different and not be like the others. He even lied about his 2008 campaign promise. The commander-in-chief has proven he is now the “liar-in-chief” and presides over an administration of proven liars and deceivers.

Ancient history

To Wednesday’s comments titled “Not a peep” and “Right wing”: Why is it every time a negative arises about President Obama, you left-wingers immediately defend him by bringing up the past negatives by the Bush administration? That my friend is ancient history. Why can’t you just show some kind of positives that reflect on this administration and this president, that show he’s on the right track? I think it’s because you can’t, because there are no positives for this guy.