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November 7, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Had his chance

I see Lantigua can’t handle being defeated. He has to understand the better man won. Now the world is seeing his true colors. He had his chance to make the people of Lawrence proud but he blew it. We need a new mayor and he is not the mayor we are looking for.


Perhaps worse than a runaway government, worse than a president who looks directly into the camera and into the eyes of the American people and shamelessly lies, worse than the “glitches” (lol) in the Obamacare website, and on and on and on, is the fact that Obama, his administration, and his lapdogs all think we are too stupid to see through the lies, cover ups, and scandals. Obama coming out recently to “tweak” what he has been saying over and over again for years (the now famous “If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance, period”) was the last straw. Does this man think he can say anything, do anything, deceive anyone and continue to point his finger and throw anyone he has to under the bus and for the sake of his agenda? Wake up people.

Ban it all

To the person who does not like that the Methuen Housing Authority wants to institute a ban on smoking in their apartments: I, as a taxpayer, pay for those apartments and probably your smokes as well. I think they should ban it and alcohol too I am sick and tired of giving you the life while I work everyday. If you can afford cigarettes and alcohol, you’re doing better than me, the dumb, working-class, tax-paying sucker.

Sox sites

To “Missing Sox” in the Nov. 6 Sound Off: If you’ve got Internet and Facebook, there are quite a few Red Sox groups there. The best in my opinion is the Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy fan club. These groups are all about the Sox. News stories, pictures and updates. On Don and Jerry’s page, we’ve decided to keep posting as a means of keeping in touch with each other and with the team. You should check them out. You’ll see that you’re not the only one missing our boys.


I’m really proud of Maura Ryan-Ciardiello. She ran a great campaign. I really enjoyed reading the article in The Eagle-Tribune; it was very well written. I think Maura and Ray would have worked really well together. Ray, you’re a great man and you should be on that committee with Maura and Joe.

Like animals

Why when there is a celebration, such as the Red Sox parade, do people get so rowdy and hateful that they have to hurt someone? I heard two people were beaten at the parade. This is a happy time. Why do bad things happen during these happy times and celebrations? Aren’t we supposed to be happy? Why do they act like animals? I will never understand!


There is certainly enough bad news to go around. About a week ago while gassing up in Plaistow around midday I had the misfortune to place my wallet on top of the fuel tank and drive off, call it a senior moment. A half-hour later I realized it was missing so I drove back tothe station and, not seeing it on the fuel pump, I thought it was gone. The station manager’s door opened. He had a big smile and asked my name then presented me with my wallet untouched and said a lady getting gas next to me noticed it and gave it to him. Good people and good things still exist and honesty counts a lot.