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November 8, 2013

Sound Off

More lies

Nobody in the country who has a brain will believe the president when he apologizes. This Obamacare debacle was created on purpose so he could get the millions of paying people onto his plan and they would pay for the deadbeats! When he “apologized”, he did not say he was going to fix the mess. He said he was sorry people “found themselves” with the problems. Baloney! He has no intention of changing anything that his cronies have created and is just playing for time. We never would have known about this stuff if the website had worked. He’s just sorry he got caught! I will never again believe a word he says about anything.

What’s next?

So now that President Obama has apologized for misspeaking about the possibility of some people having to switch coverages under Obamacare, what’s next for the resident chicken-little, right-wing extremist crowd? What are they going to rant hysterically about next? We see quite a few of their mountebank so-called tea party “leaders” trying to detract from Chris Christie (a real Republican) and his historic win in New Jersey. Is he their next target? Is it time to move on and make fun of the fat guy in Jersey, or is time maybe, once again, to go back and rant yet again about an old stand-by like Benghazi? I’m sure they will no doubt find something. They always do.


To “Ban it all”: Your comments regarding the person complaining about banning smoking in senior living communities are so off-base and whiny. I do not agree with the complaints banning smoking because it is just the way of the world today, period! This has been going on in public facilities for many years. Maybe this person just moved to senior housing a short time ago and is unaware of the laws these days limiting our freedom of choice. Stop attacking others for their feelings! We all have opinions and “supposedly” freedom of speech. Everything has to revolve around money with you? A person’s upset about smoking being banned is not any of your business nor does it come out of your pocket. That is the problem with society today. Everyone thinks they are the main character in the book of life.

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