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November 11, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Supporting government

The selected Sound Off submissions heavily lean toward supporting this government. It is obvious that they lean toward the destruction of our country and our civil liberties. It looks to me like our country is in the midst of mass chaos, just like the negative effect that this administration has had around the world.


Kathleen Sebelius is lying when she said she was not eligible for ACA. There are three reasons written into the act that would disqualify her and being in her position is not one of them. If she is not familiar with the three options, then she never read it. If she is familiar with it, then she is indeed lying. I believe the caller is the person who is uninformed.

Government control

If you let government control everything in your life, then you are living in a socialist country. Let us all fight to keep America free.

Horrible shape

The president did not kill bin Laden, he did not end the Iraq war and he did not overthrow Gadhafi. Those things were all done by our military personnel, under the direct supervision of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, not the president. As for the economy growing, our economy hasn’t been this bad since the Great Depression. Most jobs which are growing the economy, as you stated, are really part-time jobs or hamburger joint jobs, which a family cannot live on. This country is in such horrible shape and you believe this man has done so much for us? Hopefully he won’t do much more for -- or to -- us or we will not be a country by the next election. He has bought his presidency by giving money to the poor, the lazy and the illegal immigrant. He is ruthless enough to know if you can get the citizens of a country to depend on the government; the government will have an easy time of controlling them.

Fewer captains

Good for Mayor Zanni for not wanting to replace retiring Methuen police Capt. Thomas Fram. Historically the town had three captains but a fourth was created when Chief Solomon was generously allowed by Civil Service to return to his job after his disgraceful exit. Of course, Solomon is telling taxpayers he needs the fourth captain. You would think Methuen is the size of Boston with four captains, seven lieutenants, and 12 sergeants. Considering the average salaries of these positions are in excess of $100,000, the citizens could benefit from fewer captains.

Time flies

I am just now realizing how fast the years went by. I am sort of healthy, kind of financially OK and really do not do much of anything to make myself happy. Children and grandchildren are grown and work so I do not see much of the grandchildren. Everyone is busy with their own lives. Well, it could be worse. At least I am still living in my own home and I drive my car. It could be worse at this old age of 82, right folks?