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June 14, 2013

Sound Off

Tree lover

Kudos to the author of the Sound Off item on cutting down trees in North Andover. One thing that the greedy couldn’t care less about is what they do to wildlife and the environment. Nature was not intended to be plowed down and paved. Trees absorb water; cement doesn’t. They catch the wind, absorb disease in the air, house critters and bugs (that invade your home). Taking away the trees causes extreme weather devastation, resulting in millions of dollars in damage to the environment as well as your homes. Where I live, I used to look out my window and see two eagles taking refuge in the pine trees during severe storms. Those trees have since been cut, along with several others in that area, to build Barbie doll houses in an over-developed neighborhood. I loved to watch the birds and other wildlife there. Now they are all gone, and animals are killed if they become a nuisance by looking for food and shelter. So go ahead, cut the trees!

Water hazard

The heavy rains of this past week reminded me of a dangerous situation that I’m not going to brush off until winter arrives. I travel to work in New Hampshire by going up North Ave in Haverhill. I wonder if the city of Haverhill allows residents to pump water from their cellars or property onto public ways. One home frequently does it by running a hose down the driveway, and the water makes its way as far down as Concord Street. Not such a big deal in the warm months but in the winter, it’s downright treacherous as it freezes from the crest of the hill all the way to Concord Street, where school buses and many cars are entering early each day in icy conditions to head to a nearby school. I hope the traffic and safety committee can address the situation and find a remedy for both the homeowner (maybe a new catch basin) and the general public.

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