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June 16, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor

GOP’s empty slate of impeachable offenses

To the editor:

Apparently, Republicans are packing for the journey on the road to impeaching the president, a road that promises to be torturous and dangerous. Items in their travel bag include several alleged acts of both illegalities and incompetencies -- Obama violations of office. An examination of these issues reveals an empty slate and a lack of factual information. Let’s take them in order.

Benghazi is not unlike military incidents of terrorist attacks, as when a squad of American GI’s in Afghanistan becomes entrapped and in danger of being killed. Is the president called for help, or is that the purview of the military? Why is the unfortunate incident a failure attributed to President Obama or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when they are not involved in the direct ordering of the military to specific missions?

Regarding the IRS affair, does anyone believe President Obama would order IRS personnel to harass political opponents? And why is the attempt by political entities to avoid legal taxation by filing under 501 (c) (4), which is exclusively for social welfare, not a factor in this issue?

Perhaps the most ridiculous plaint, of which both Republicans and Democrats should be completely ashamed, is the senseless furor over the National Security Agency’s PRISM program, which collects information to be used for national security via telephone and ferrets out possible terrorist activities. No one reads the millions of calls, but the cry of “invasion of privacy” by single-minded Americans sounds pathetic when thousands of American soldiers have given up their lives for our security. Meanwhile, the Monday morning quarterbacks complain that Uncle Sam has collected phone calls. How sad!

Lastly, The Department of Justice was within its scope of responsibilities when Fox News reporter James Rosen was issued a warrant because there was probable cause to believe that Rosen violated the Espionage Act of 1917.

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