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June 16, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor


Freedom of the press is alive and well, but Republicans are looking for more items to put in their baggage. As for freedoms, if one has done nothing wrong his freedom is intact. Meanwhile, how about little sacrifices to support those who are making sacrifices of life and limb by ending these petty cries of seeming government abuses?

Dante Ippolito


Immigration ‘reform’ will hurt average Americans

To the editor:

Soon Congress will decide what to do about 11 million to 33 million illegal aliens who are only here because politicians didn’t enforce our laws and didn’t keep their promises to close the border and end illegal immigration.

Few other issues more clearly show the difference between government for the people and government for the special interests. Illegal aliens harm Americans in many ways, e.g., by criminal acts, by stressing schools and hospitals, by taking jobs and depressing wages, and by forcing higher taxes to fund welfare for illegal aliens and the American workers they harm.

Illegal aliens benefit businesses, government workers and their unions, criminals, politicians and various special interests.

Politicians say we need the “Gang of Eight’s” comprehensive immigration reforms, created with input from special interest groups but not from law enforcement. I have a bridge to sell to anyone who believes this bill will fix the illegal alien problem or benefit most Americans.

They say illegal aliens will pay back-taxes and fines. The typical illegal alien has a 10th grade education and competes with the lowest income Americans. People with these incomes don’t pay federal taxes, they get subsidies. Will they pay any meaningful fines? No. The subsidies they receive will greatly exceed any taxes or fines they pay.

Politicians say illegal aliens won’t be eligible to upgrade from their limited welfare worth $14,387 in excess of the taxes they pay to full welfare benefits, provided by real taxpayers, worth $35,113 per household for 13 years. This won’t be enforced. Illegals shouldn’t get welfare now.

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