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June 17, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — No mow!

To “Mow Your Lawn!”: Who cares about what others do with their property? If they don’t want to mow, they don’t have to. This is America last time I checked. There’s no law stating you have to mow your lawn. Get over yourself and move if you don’t like it.

Pinkerton’s shame

I am appalled that Pinkerton Academy will not allow that poor boy to walk in graduation. How insensitive. Haverhill High presented a diploma to the mother of a boy who passed away during his senior year. Now that’s class. Shame on Pinkerton. Walking with your class means more than just fulfilling academic requirements

The Stupid City

To the City of Lawrence: The federal Judge has ruled against you regarding the taxi ordinance. What don’t you understand? Oh, I know: everything, as usual. Why don’t you go after drug dealers and users, as well as idiot drivers and people who are too lazy to pick up a broom or rake to clean properties and streets?

Bottomless barrel

I have always said there is no bottom to the barrel in Washington. Now one source tells me Social Security is going to run out of money and so is unemployment. Then the papers tell me we are aiding rebels in Syria and lending money to others thousands of miles from here. So stop kidding us and tell the truth. There is no bottom to the barrel and never has been.

Invisible aliens

Let me ask a question: If the government has the capability to monitor our phones, our emails and now our homes using satellite technology and can track our every move, then why on earth can’t we locate these 11 million to 20 million illegals that are in our country and deport them? More fraud and deception from the Obama administration.

Shut it off

Can television get any worse? It seems the more you pay to watch TV the worse the programs get. Contest shows, reality TV, and the brunt of viewing time is commercials. I’m going back to reading.

SPED sticker shock

I was shocked to read that the Haverhill school system spent $350,000 in just six months on one special needs student. That is $700,000 a year. It will take hundreds of taxpayers to cover such expense for just one student. Has the Haverhill school system lost its perspective? Does it think the taxpayers’ pockets are endlessly deep? The year before the special needs legislation was passed many years ago, the Haverhill budget for such students was $650,000. The year after the bill was passed, that went up to $1.2 million. It has increased almost exponentially since. Where is it going to stop? Taxpayers’ pockets are almost empty now. Many cannot even afford medical or specialized care. Pensions and benefits are already killing municipal budgets. Excessive special needs costs are adding to that crushing burden.

Bizarro world

Let me get this straight. Any 10 -year-old girl can walk into the store and buy the morning-after abortion pill, no questions asked. A 75-year-old man needs to go to the pharmacy, show proper identification and have his license scanned, to buy Sudafed for a cold. OK. What’s wrong with this picture?