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June 18, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — The NH difference

New Hampshire drivers must have a different driving manual and test for obeying “Yield Right of Way” signs. New Hampshire never, ever yield right of way at “Yield” signs. It must have something to do with stupidly, a death wish or lack of proper driver training. It could also be the “Live Free or Die” thing.

Eat cake, peasants

Am I the only one outraged at hearing that the president’s vacation trip to Africa is going to cost $100 million? Tell me, all you Obama followers, how many children could be fed, how many schools could be helped, how many Americans would this money feed, clothe and help with finding jobs? This is insane. People complained about Bush taking vacations to his ranch, and yet, nothing is said about these lavish vacations that this first family is taking. This is an example of elitists taking us for a ride. We who go to work every day plugging along, trying to make ends meet should be rip-roaring angry. First families deserve vacations, but this is obscene. The motto of this first family is “Let Them Eat Cake.”

Sleazy Ed

Ed Markey has people going round erecting his signs on other people’s property. He also has a huge following outside Malden Mills each day attracting the workers.That’s legal. Planting signs on other people’s property is illegal and sleazy. But that suits him.

Markey dumped

To the Markey supporters who littered Methuen’s private and public property, the signs you put on my property are in the Dumpster where they belong.

Half and half

Glenn Fratto, you are either too ignorant or sleepy. Why should Methuen spend to the level of Lincoln-Sudbury? You don’t understand that only about half of the student body in Methuen actually wants to learn and become productive members of society. The other 50 percent are only there to cause trouble.

Clumped up

Another clump of houses by the river in Haverhill? That will make yet another reason to avoid downtown. Only in this fantasy world can you bring in dysfunction, addiction and nonworkers and then expect “growth.” Oh, you’ll grow something all right, it just won’t be good. And, as usual, homeowners and taxpayers will have to cough up more money to cover the sins of the growing epidemic. Why can’t it be a grassland by the River? If city officials are really into a green economy, prove it. If Haverhill keeps going, it will also look like the re-done Bradford, which is atrocious! Oversize street lights and three to five cameras “trees” every 100 yards from the time you get off the bridge to the time you round the college. The beautiful charm is gone. Thus proving you can add features to a town, but that just because you can doesn’t mean you should. For shame.

Bonehead bicyclists

The bicycle dodge’em sweepstakes are in full swing in the suburbs again. That’s the event where otherwise normal folks don aerodynamic helmets and colorful costumes attempting to demonstrate that having the “right of way” will prove that human bone is stronger than an automobile fender.