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June 25, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Keep it down!

Neighbor, I love to hear your children laughing when they are swimming in your pool or playing in your yard. However, when they and their friends and the parents, too, screech, scream, shout, it really is unbearable. It is so loud that I cannot sit in my own yard and enjoy a lovely day reading a book. I cannot invite a friend over for lunch on the porch or patio since it is so noisy. I cannot enjoy the quiet of a few hours outside. Would you kindly teach your children that there are people who live close by who want to enjoy their own yards, too, and that screeching, screaming, shouting by both children and their parents is not polite and not fair to the nearby neighbors?

You go, Mow this!

To the writer of “Mow this” in the Saturday Sound Offs. Thank you so much for a great laugh! I was visiting my mother, and we read your comment. We laughed so much! We agree with you 100 percent. People should help their neighbors if their lawns bother them so much. Hopefully, we won’t see you in a wheelchair mowing yours!

Send a message

Massachusetts voters have a chance to send a powerful message in the special senatorial election. You can tell every politician in Washington that they are on notice and should be worried about keeping their jobs. Or you can tell them that all of the scandals like IRS abuses, Fast and Furious and the death of four Americans in Benghazi are no big deal. A vote for Markey will tell every politician: Don’t worry, the abuses are nothing. A vote for Gomez will tell them you are angry and they better start thinking about a career after their public service.

Seize the day

We have a great opportunity to begin the process of getting rid of the lying, big-spending, corrupt liberals, both at the federal and state levels by voting for Gabriel Gomez. Continue voting for nonliberals at each election cycle until we’re rid of these career, self-serving clowns.

He can’t win

Gabriel Gomez can’t win this Senate election in Mass. Neither he nor any conservative will. The liberals are in power in this country because they have created the current status quo. Their motto is take from the haves and give to the have-nots. Liberals create programs and benefits to entice both legal and illegal immigrants. The have-nots vote one way only: for the hand that feeds them. They’re not stupid. The liberals stay in office by creating this vicious triangle. Take from the haves, give to have-nots, and they re-elect the liberals, and the cycle continues. Sadly, the majority of people that vote are happy being sheeple. God only knows why.

Dems did it

Take any city, big ones like Chicago and Detroit, or little ones like Lawrence. What do you see? Poverty, illiteracy, horrible schools, high unemployment, high welfare costs, teen pregnancy, government fraud, illegal aliens, voter fraud and the city always on the edge of bankruptcy. And what party is always, always in power? The Democrats. Case closed!