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July 18, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Double standard

I was at work when that moronic jury acquitted O.J. We were all assembled in the cafeteria, and when the verdict was read there was a collective gasp. Then we all went back to work. There were no riots. George Zimmerman is the only one who knows whether he committed murder. The law states that if there is a shred of reasonable doubt you cannot find someone guilty. Well, there was plenty of reasonable doubt in this case, and the jury did the right thing. There is definitely a double standard here, and I’m disgusted with the whole thing. Oh yes: Gov. Patrick, please keep your mouth shut.

Disappointing Deval

So Gov. Patrick is disappointed by the Zimmerman verdict. Why? Because a guy that was attacked and defended himself didn’t go to jail? You know little to nothing about it yet you say you’re disappointed. Now, I do not know all the facts either, governor, so I’m not going to say I’m disappointed or happy about the outcome. A person died and two families’ lives will never be the same. That’s tragic. If you are looking to see what is disappointing, take a look in the mirror.

Leave Florida

The Sound Off commenter who said Zimmerman will be in danger is correct. The smartest thing he could do is move far away from Florida. The truth is if he went to jail he would not have lasted there either, they would have gotten to him. Also he should run, not walk, to city hall and change that last name. It stands out like a beacon.

Not race issue

Those who try to turn the Zimmerman/Martin case into a racial issue should be made aware that George Zimmerman is Hispanic, not white. This case would never have had so much publicity if not for the head of our Department of Justice, our governor and our president. How sad that they are playing the race card where it didn’t exist.

George and OJ

Interesting reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict. Due to the inability to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, he’s free. Should the response have been the same when O.J. was aquitted? Talk about doubt! “If the glove fits ...”

Arthur and Sam

Looks like the board at Market Basket is following the Wal-Mart way of business. Ditch the CEO who has made the store what it is, and go the slave labor route. The old Wal-Mart way died with Sam; I really hope the Demoulas way don’t follow suit.

Speak up

Oust the CEO? More for your dollar shopping, people over profits; that is what Arthur T. Demoulas stands for. Support your advocate for lower prices, go to petitionsite.com and type in “Save Market Basket.” Let your voice be heard!

‘Artist’ at work

That kid that defaced parts of Haverhill with the word “Kosk” should be required to remove all his “artwork” during the day wearing an orange jumpsuit so everyone can see him.

Worthless TV

Can television channels and programs get any worse? What am I paying for? Executives don’t seem to want to pay writers, or writers do not have any imagination. So they throw reality shows and tons of commercials at us. Television will soon be obsolete.