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April 1, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — It’s rotten

It’s been said that the body rots from the head down. The scandals that have surfaced under the “oversight” of this governor are showing the rot that has taken place in this state over the last several years. Roxbury College has missing funds and cover-ups. Sex offenders are working and living among our most vulnerable children. Drug labs are contaminated; forensic tests are compromised to the tune of millions of dollars, Housing Authority heads pay themselves outrageous salaries. The lieutenant governor smashes up a state vehicle with no explanation. The list goes on and on and on. And this governor now has the moxie to tell us we need to pay a billion more in taxes! I don’t think so, Governor. Clean up your own mess and you’ll probably find the money needed for your grandiose ideas. What has happened to all the federal money that came to the state for the infrastructure? Has it gone into somebody’s pocket? What a mess!

Sex agenda

The liberal Democratic agenda has been pushing sex outside of marriage for a generation now. They have been handing out condoms at our grammar schools, high schools and colleges saying preventing pregnancy is safe sex. We have a whole generation that believes sex is a recreational sport. The CDC has recently released data to show the opposite is true — 66.3 million Americans have some form of sexually transmitted disease, including HIV and AIDS. Two-thirds of the U.S. population between 15 and 24 years of age has some form of STD. That means over 16 million of our young people have an STD. For the entire adult population one out of three have some form of STD and most don’t even know it.

Tax the rich

I do not believe that Bill Maher is being taxed at 50 percent of his income and if he was, so what, as long as Maher’s standard of living has not been affected, and I’m sure it hasn’t. France has raised theirs to 70 percent. If he or anyone else in the upper bracket are asked to give more to help the country where they made it in the first place, then they should not complain as long as their standard of living has not been affected. After all, the middle class quite often finds its standard of living is lowered when prices rise and taxes go up.


Just how much money has Chief Solomon siphoned from the town of Methuen with the misspent money, grants that had to be paid back, and now this settlement? When will we be rid of this man?

Buying bullets

Homeland Security is buying over 2 billion rounds of hollow point bullets. And what are hollow point bullets? They are intended to inflict the most damage possible. And who are these for? What about over 2,700 armored tanks? Our government is funding the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Middle East with millions of our borrowed dollars. And this is while they are stopping funding for the very basics for running our country and keeping us safe. I think the fox is guarding the henhouse.