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April 2, 2013

Letter: Representatives are not voting the people’s will

To the editor:

In recent years it seems that more and more elected officials do not vote according to their constituents’ sentiments.

For example: Over 80 percent of the people in Salem voted in favor of expanded gaming at Rockingham. However, a number of Salem’s state representatives are opposed to expanded gaming. Others have attendance problems and have just simply not been in Concord working for the people of Salem. The sentiments of the residents of Salem are not being adequately represented in the House in Concord.

On another note, we are lucky to have Chuck Morse representing us in the New Hampshire Senate where he has been an ardent supporter of Rockingham redevelopment.

Another example: Kelly Ayotte has a score of “A” from the National Rifle Association. A score of “A” according to their definition means “Solidly pro-gun candidate including voting record.”

Many of Salem’s representatives in Concord voted for the infamous “stand your ground” law during a previous session — one of the most pro-gun laws in history.

Recently conducted polls by the University of New Hampshire and New England College show strong support by New Hampshire residents for new gun safety measures.

According to the UNH poll: 94 percent support background checks, 5 percent oppose; 91 percent support background checks on gun show purchases, 7 percent disagreed; 64 percent favored the ban on assault weapons, 31 percent oppose.

I believe that our representatives in Concord and in Washington have a moral obligation to put aside their personal prejudices and vote according to their constituents’ sentiments — particularly when the constituents’ sentiments are as overwhelmingly explicit as the two examples above.

Dee Lewis


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