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April 2, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

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I would like to thank the Salisbury police officer who was exceptionally kind to my to young children. His simple act of kindness meant a lot to my children along with myself. He definitely made a positive impression on my son and daughter. Thank you!

Solicitor search

Did Tom Ciulla indicate that he would tell the public how many calls he has made to candidates for city solicitor, or reveal his own phone records on that subject? Should that be part of his so-called “investigation”? Ciulla was part of the search committee that violated the law and has so embarrassed the City of Methuen. I hope voters remember his role in this disgrace come election time.

What a mess

This is in regard to Methuen Councilor Tom Ciulla wanting a police probe into the text sent by City Solicitor McQuillan. He says McQuillan should be fired if he interfered with the hiring of a new solicitor. Hello! Wasn’t Solicitor McQuillan more or less already fired when his contract wasn’t renewed? That horse has left the barn and is heading toward the pasture. If the City Council had done the right thing to begin with and gone back to the drawing board when two applicants dropped out and restarted the search, this whole thing could have been avoided. Now not only has this whole thing turned into a mess but I can see a new lawsuit coming down the turnpike thanks to the City Council’s ineptitude. Way to go, councilors!

Poor caliber

I’ve watched the City Council meetings where the issue of hiring a new city attorney was discussed, the interviews of the two candidates, and have followed the behind-the-scenes drama unfolding in The Eagle-Tribune. Not only should there be an investigation about the text message sent by the interim city solicitor but the entire process starting with the violation of the Open Meeting Law to the allegation of a secret interview of one of the candidates. This is either a comedy of errors or a poor reflection of the caliber of individuals we have voted into office to represent us.


March Madness has taken a new meaning in Methuen during the search for a new solicitor. Start filling out your brackets now before it gets too confusing. The players are multiplying rapidly.

Tax increases

I understand everybody is busy with their lives but if you don’t call, text or email your state representative and state senator, the governor will force all these tax increases through the Legislature. I guarantee the Merrimack Valley is going to get nothing out of all these tax increases.

Iraq war

Socrates once said, in war there is money to be made. Why hasn’t the public demanded to know why it took so long to defeat Iraq? As a World War II vet, we defeated three of the largest, most powerful countries in about three and a half years, about one-third of the time to beat little Iraq. A man like General Patton would have done it much sooner.

We survived

Stop playing dodge ball in school? Really? Talk about the wussification of America. How did my generation ever survive? We played dodge ball in gym and the playground. We even rode our bikes without helmets, elbow and knee pads.