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April 3, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Mismanaged

I cannot for the life of me understand why almost every process in Methuen seems to be managed by The Three Stooges. We have a police chief who has held us hostage for his ransom for doing a poor job. We have an at-best flawed process for selecting a new solicitor and basically no reason for not keeping the current solicitor. Every time Methuen starts a process, everyone can be assured of a good time. Lots of laughs and no end in sight. What in the world is going on? Do we have a bunch of buffoons running our city? Methinks so.

Paying online

In Methuen, we are encouraged to pay our real estate tax, excise tax, and water bills online instead of by mail or in person. But now they are charging 25 cents for each transaction done online. I see that Haverhill is now offering the same service for free! Methuen should change their online payment vendor so that we will not have to pay the fee.

Faulty hydrants

Once again the City of Lawrence showed how inept it is by not checking and investigating the hydrants that need repair. Our fire chief told the DPW and our mayor three years ago about the problem and nothing was done about it. Now after a fire that destroyed three homes, of which one or two could have been saved, they will look into it. Shame on all of you for not doing your part from the DPW to our city councilors and our mayor. You are all an embarrassment to the city. It’s time for the people of Lawrence to unite an not re-elect the ones who want to be re-elected. We need to clean our house. I hope this is a lesson to our lackadaisical councilors to wake up and do your job!


We have learned that there is a serious pressure problem with fire hydrants. Can’t the current force of firefighters handle this? Let’s see they work two days and get five days off and during those two days there is plenty of sleep and watching TV involved. Maybe they are too tired from their other full-time jobs as roofers, siders, electricians, charter boat captains, etc. And what about the age 50-plus crowd of retired firefighters who are getting pensions in excess of three to four times what someone on Social Security gets? Get them out there checking hydrants.

Common ruined

I am appalled that the modifications to Bradford Common have devastated the century-old fencing and ruined the beautiful New England atmosphere of the area. Attempts to get answers result in the usual buck-passing comments from the state and city officials. Where is the historical preservation society? What a mess!

Dog bite

I am both a dog owner and a parent of three children under 7 years old. After reading about the unfortunate accident involving Oliver the dog, I wonder why the father of the little girl doesn’t think he should be responsible. He was “inside watching golf on TV” while his 6-year-old child was outside. The dog was on a leash and the girl fell on him. The dog reacted appropriately defending himself. Place the blame where it belongs — on the parents not supervising the child!