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April 7, 2013

Column: President lays on the guilt to prop up flagging gun fight

There must be a lot of “gun nuts” out there.

While President Obama claimed recently at an elaborately staged event at the White House that the “entire country” had pledged allegiance to his gun control agenda after the horrific shootings in Newtown, Conn., his allegedly loyal soldiers in Congress apparently didn’t notice the same thing.

Because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who feels he can easily get away with accusing former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of failing to pay taxes for a decade, is not so reckless about confiscating guns.

Reid recently stiffed the effort of his fellow liberal nanny, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, to include an “assault weapons” ban in proposed gun control legislation. Why? The votes weren’t there.

And this is in the Senate, where Democrats have a 55-45 majority. If all Democrats voted for it and Republicans tried to filibuster, Reid and his colleagues could have a fabulous time accusing Republicans of not wanting to protect “the children,” who, by the way, are our future.

But Politico.com quoted Reid as saying that Feinstein’s proposal, “using the most optimistic numbers, has less than 40 votes.” Which is another way of saying that it is not just Republicans who oppose it. Which is also another way of saying that not even a majority, let alone the “entire country,” supports it either.

And which is probably why the recent scolding from the Guilt Tripper In Chief didn’t gain a whole lot of traction. It is not just “gun nuts” who are realizing that they are being manipulated, that they aren’t being told the whole story.

Obama, who pretended that the lack of support for his agenda was because people had “forgotten” the massacre, gave us all a stern lecture. “I haven’t forgotten those kids. Shame on us if we’ve forgotten,” he said.

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