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April 7, 2013

Column: Obama should share in Americans' sacrifices

“Shared sacrifice” is one of Obama’s favorite mantras. Translation: The White House shares your money while you sacrifice.

Amid the alleged horrors of the sequester, truly shared sacrifice is the last thing on Obama’s mind. The American people are enduring 0.4 percent growth in gross domestic product and 7.6 percent unemployment. A record 48 million of them are on food stamps. Meanwhile, those in America’s royal palace are enduring tropical beaches, country clubs and ski resorts.

As Joseph Curl recalled in Sunday’s Washington Times, the Obamas rang in 2013 in a 6,000-square-foot, $8 million estate in Oahu’s Paradise Point. That’s when Obama played his 100th presidential golf round, one of five during the first family’s 17-day Hawaiian getaway.

The first lady and her daughters skied Aspen, Colo., in February. Some like it hot. So, Obama rode Air Force One to Palm City, Fla., where he swung his clubs with Earth’s now-No. 1 golfer, Tiger Woods.

Not to be outdone, Clown Prince Biden greeted 2013 in the Virgin Islands. He slid down the slopes of Snowmass, Colo., in February. That month, Biden visited Europe. He and his entourage invested $459,338 in tax money for 136 rooms tied to Biden’s one-evening sleepover in London. Biden stopped overnight in Paris. Rather than rely on, say, the U.S. Embassy’s car fleet, Team Biden spent $321,665 for limousine rentals. This reportedly was just for Biden’s party; Biden himself appropriately used his secure official vehicle, which was flown with him.

Meanwhile, Uncle Joe could have stayed, essentially for free, at the magnificent, 60,000-square-foot American ambassador’s residence. Instead, Team Biden bunked at the Hotel Intercontinental. That one night cost U.S. taxpayers $585,000. Late March found the Obama daughters on spring break in the Bahamas. They enjoyed the Atlantis Paradise Island resort, which boasts three breeze-caressed beaches, 11 swimming pools, and a 141-acre water park.

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