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April 9, 2013

Sound Off

Dog attack

Sorry, no dog I have ever owned has or would never have reacted the way Oliver the pit bull mix did. Unfortunately some breeds like the pit bull react more aggressively to perceived attacks than other more docile breeds. Don’t start blaming the little kid or her family! She should be able to play in her own neighborhood without fear of being bitten. The owner seems to have known their dog had an issue with biting and should have taken more precautions. It is like blaming a child for shooting someone with an unattended gun! I say do not necessarily euthanize but leave it to the child’s parents and authorities to decide what type of retraining and mandatory restraint is necessary by the owners to insure this could never happen again.


Methuen Councilor Lisa Ferry probably said more at the secret Starbucks meeting than she has in over a year at the City Council public sessions. I hope the voters remember her role as a key architect of the huge solicitor search fiasco that has so embarrassed Methuen.

Speedway lives

Pine Speedway is alive and well — they just relocated it to Salem Street in Bradford. Morning, noon or night, it’s open and the only car you won’t see is anything black and white!

Leave it alone

Hopefully, Winnekenni Park will not be turned into a giant adult playground, or even worse, some type of hideous sports park. Mother Nature has provided us a beautiful place from which to escape the ordinary and experience the beautiful — in peace and quiet. It doesn’t need any improvements; just the regular maintenance that any park requires. Why do these politicians always feel that they have to leave their mark — and many times, their name — on everything? It is already something of which every resident of Haverhill can be proud. Leave it alone, please!

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