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April 10, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Budget cuts

So Obama deceives the people once again. He promised he would not cut Social Security and Medicare yet he submits his budget to lawmakers and he calls for moderate cuts to both Social Security and Medicare and no cuts to his uncontrolled spending. The seniors in this country have been abused long enough. Under Obama illegal aliens are treated better than the seniors that have contributed so much. Seniors, call your senators and congressmen to stop this.

Life of luxury

Wow, President Obama is offering to take a 5 percent pay cut. For the past four years he has been living a lifestyle of a person earning $200 million a year. So why doesn’t he just give back his entire salary? That would not affect his current lifestyle in the least. He, however, has no intentions of stopping his luxurious weekly parties as well as his unnecessary and numerous luxurious vacations and all his other fun times we pay for. Gee, what a sport, and what a hypocrite.

Sign up

Our founding fathers didn’t expect everyone needed a weapon except if attacked by a foreign country. They set up the Army, Navy, Marines and the National Guard to protect us at home when needed. Everyone does not need an assault weapon or multiple weapons. If you are itching to do so, join these forces, get trained, employed and get your health care and we won’t have to worry about you, hopefully.


I had a dream the other night that I was an editorial page cartoonist and envisioned a young boy and his father in a museum viewing the skeletal remains of a T. rex with the head of Congressman Ed Markey. “I thought dinosaurs were extinct,” the young boy said, to which he father replied: “Everywhere except Washington.”


After being stranded and very distraught after a car breakdown and having to get to work, a nice Hispanic woman picked me up and drove me to the Frost School where I teach. She did not speak a word of English or I a word of Spanish, however, her kindness was displayed as a humanitarian. We communicated as woman to woman. I am sure she was on her way to work or coming back from taking her children to school but she took me anyway. I never got her name, but thank you very much!

Dog attack

I agree with those who have called in. I have shed tears over the treatment of this poor dog. The little girl was hurt and I feel badly about that, but she fell on the dog. I think most dogs would have reacted this way. This is a family pet and the treatment of this situation is way too extreme. I feel worse for the dog owners here than I do for the child, but do not mistake those words for meaning I do not care about a child. If I were the dog owners, a for sale sign would be in front of my house as I would want to get far away from this lynch mob. Really, people? This is really gone too far.