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April 10, 2013

Sound Off



After being stranded and very distraught after a car breakdown and having to get to work, a nice Hispanic woman picked me up and drove me to the Frost School where I teach. She did not speak a word of English or I a word of Spanish, however, her kindness was displayed as a humanitarian. We communicated as woman to woman. I am sure she was on her way to work or coming back from taking her children to school but she took me anyway. I never got her name, but thank you very much!

Dog attack

I agree with those who have called in. I have shed tears over the treatment of this poor dog. The little girl was hurt and I feel badly about that, but she fell on the dog. I think most dogs would have reacted this way. This is a family pet and the treatment of this situation is way too extreme. I feel worse for the dog owners here than I do for the child, but do not mistake those words for meaning I do not care about a child. If I were the dog owners, a for sale sign would be in front of my house as I would want to get far away from this lynch mob. Really, people? This is really gone too far.

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